If you are reading this post, then you are either deciding to get a cat or have just gotten a cat. Congrats on adding a member to your family. I still remember the process of getting both of our cats. It was fun but it’s also a big decision. Some cats can live north of 20 years, so it certainly a long-term decision. However, if you go into the process with all the necessary information it can be a smooth and enjoyable process. So, with that being said, here are our three tips for adopting a cat.

Be sure you are ready for the commitment

Bringing home a pet is a huge commitment. As mentioned earlier cats live long lives, so your decision is a long-term decision. You should make sure you have enough space for them in your current living situation and that you have a cat friendly environment. You also want to make sure you are prepared for the financial impact of adopting a cat. Not only do you have to purchase food for them but there are also toys to buy, vaccinations that are necessary and sometimes unexpected vets visits. While bringing a kitten home can be very fun occasion, it’s also a decision that impacts you and your new family for a long time.

Adopt a cat from your local shelter

When you purchase a cat or a kitten you have a variety of options. You can find a breeder, go to a pet store or you can go adopt a cat from your local animal shelter. We strongly recommend finding your cat from your local animal shelter for several reasons. According to the ASPCA, there are 70 million stray cats living in the United States. In addition to that huge number, 7.6 million companion animals enter shelters every year. That number is extremely sad to us. 7.6 million animals who are brought into a home were given to shelters every year. What we are getting at is that there are plenty of animals that are just waiting to be adopted and by adopting a pet from your local animal shelter you can be part of the solution to a very big problem. In addition, you can usually save quite a bit of money adopting a pet as opposed to going through a breeder or pet store. The one bit of advice we would give is make sure you find a reputable animal shelter. Do your research and find one that spays and neuters its kittens and provides them with all the necessary vaccinations. For both of our cats we went through the Wisconsin Humane Society and we had an excellent experience. Also, if you want to make a tax deductible donation to the ASPCA, click here!.

Choose your cat based on its personality

Our final recommendation is a suggestion on how you can go about choosing your cat or kitten. When you find yourself in your local humane society or animal shelter, there will most likely be a ton of cats. You will find yourself looking at all of them and wondering which cat you should choose to join your family. You might find yourself tempted to choose your cat based on how it looks or how cute you think it is. While you could probably make a compelling argument for all of those reasons, our recommendation is to choose your cat or kitten based on the connection you have with the cat. Talk to the people there to help about spending some time with a few of the cats you are considering and spend a few minutes with them. I still remember when we picked up Milo (pictured below), he was so sweet. He kept rubbing up against us and purring. We could tell there was an instant connection and he was the one.

Well there you have it! There are our 3 tips for adopting a cat. Good luck finding the perfect addition to your family. Also, make sure you take a lot of pictures.