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December 2016

3 Must Have Cat Accessories for Sports Fans

Who those of you who frequent the blog its obvious that my wife and I love our cats. I mean, we have a blog, so that much is obvious. However, one of the things you might not know is that I am a huge Chicago Bears fan.  In fact a do some blogging on the Bears as well.

And while perhaps this current season isn’t one to write home about, that hasn’t impacted my die hard love for my team. So, how is this related to cats you might ask? Well, I will say there is a heck of a lot of overlap. However, I was browsing Amazon the other day and saw some really cool Chicago Bear cat gear.

It was literally a niche I didn’t know existed but low and behold, it exists and it is glorious! So without further ado, here are three must have cat accessories for every sports fan. (Extra points if you also happen to be  fan of the greatest sports team in the world, the Chicago Bears!)

The collar!

Now the first is kind of a no-brainer! I think its great for all animals to have collars in case they happen to find there way outside and get lost. You can have a name tag created that has your name, phone number and address on it. And if you are going to go through the trouble of doing that, well then you might as well have a beautiful collar like the one below! See price $$

Cat Bed!

Now our cats both have their own beds. However, when I saw the picture below I was instantly filled with a mountain of regret! Had I just known such a glorious bed existed I would have bought them, matching Chicago Bears beds. I mean, look at it. Not only does it look incredibly comfortable for your cat but it is obviously majestic as well.

Your cat is going to sleep and if you want to help them be as comfortable as possible while looking like a million bucks, clearly a bed like this is the answer. Excuse me while I order this real quick. See price $$


The fact of the matter is people dress up their animals. And frankly, if you are going to that then I highly recommend jersey below. I mean, look at it, its stunning. While I might not say Howard and Floyd above the numbers, its still absolutely great looking.

I can imagine my cats wearing jerseys like the one below and tackling the neighbors dog as it is wearing and much less attractive green and yellow Green Bay Packer Jersey. I cant imagine a scenario in which I am prouder of my cats. In all seriousness, this is super awesome and probably the coolest thing you can put on your cat or dog. ( I also included a few other jerseys in case you want other examples of jerseys they have) See price $$

Well there you have it! Now that you have seen that these exist how can you spend another day in which your cat doesn’t rep your team to the fullest? I know I personally plan on order Milo and Leo some Chicago Bears gear ASAP! Feel free to share this on social media and thanks again for reading!


5 Awesome Cat Toys your Cat will Love

If you have owned a cat for any period of time you know that cats love to play. Whether its batting around something they found on the ground or pouncing on a ball, cats love to play around. Part of the reason being the animal instincts they posses.

Cats ancestors were hunters and that is still a big part of who they are today. As with most prominent instincts, its healthy for your cat to exercise it. Now I am not recommending you let them go outside and hunt birds.

However, I am saying that there are many toys they can play with that can help them act out their hunting instincts. Below are five toys we have had great luck with and that out cats happen to love!

Squeaky Toys

If you haven’t bought you cat one of these toys I strongly recommend it (however, you may consider hiding it at night). Our cats absolutely love these! Below is the one that we currently have. It works great and provides the cats with a ton of fun. If they paw at it even a little bit it lets out a little squeak. They love batting it around, pouncing on it and even throwing it. I cant recommend this toy enough. Its easy, fun, inexpensive and they love it! Click here to check price

Cat Tunnels

There isn’t a cat alive that doesn’t love to hide in small confined areas. If you have owned a cat you know they love crawling into things. They love getting into hampers, old boxes and drawers. This next toy is basically a take on that. We recently bought out cats a tunnel and they cant get enough of it. We placed it in our upstairs hallway and I have already seen them spend a ton of time crawling through it.

We specifically got one that has a dangling ball and it crinkles as they crawl through. However, just about any tunnel is going to be appealing to the average cat. Below is a really cool tunnel that splits into three tunnels. Great for multiple cats or for solo cat exploration! Click here for price.

Catnip Toys!

I cant speak for all cats but our cats love catnip! There is something about the smell that makes them really attracted to it. So, as you can imagine, any toy that has catnip in it gives cats additional incentive to play with it. Below is a toy our cat Leo currently loves.

We recently got him this pepper and he loves to hold it in place with his front paws and kick it with his back paws. Its pretty funny. The nice thing about these toys is that they are really cheap. So you can buy a few at a time and it doesn’t break the bank at all. Also, if your cat is anything like ours, it will absolutely love kicking it around. Click here to see price!

Teaser Wand

Up to this point all the toys have been things your cat can do solo. That is great, however, there are also good toys for you to engage in play time with you cat. The specific one we recommend is below. This is a toy made by TV Personality and cat lover, Jackson Galaxy.

We have watched a bunch of his TV episodes and always like him. When we saw that he came out with a line of toys that reflected what he taught on these shows, we were very excited. Below is a teaser wand that is well made and can be the perfect toy for you to play with your cat. We much prefer toys made with this type of material instead of cloth because it tends to last a lot longer. Click here to see price!

Cheap Ball Toys

The last thing we wanted to include was cheap ball toys. While these aren’t really anything special, they are kind of a classic. Below is a cheap variety back with a bunch of assorted balls and other random little cat toys. These don’t make noise and they aren’t filled with catnip but guess what? Cats love them!

They may not have a lot of runway and your cat may not love this toy forever. However, I can guarantee you, of you get a bunch of little toys like this, it will provide your cat with hours and hours of fun. And really, that’s what its all about! Click here to see price!

Well there you have it! There are our 5 Awesome Cat Toys your Cat will Love. We have personally had all of these at one time or another and can say from experience our cats love them. I literally just walked upstairs to help my wife with something and Milo was playing with the pepper. Either way, find what works for your cat and make sure they have plenty of them. Remember, sometimes the only entertainment your cats have is the entertainment you provide them.

Please feel free to share on your social media or with any fellow cat owners. And as always, thanks for reading!

3 Easy Ways to Help Cats this Winter

Its December 23rd here in Wisconsin and winter is in full swing. With temperatures going below zero frequently and it frequently looking like a frozen tundra outside, staying warm is no laughing matter. For many stray cats, it is a particularly hard time of year.

Now our cats wont step a paw outside this winter and will spend many a day laying on our heating vents, staying as toasty as possible. However, not all cats are as blessed as out cats. Thankfully there is still steps you can take to help our less fortunate feline friends. Below are three different ways you can help those cats who are left out in the cold this winter.

Check your wheel wells!

Those of you who have cats know that they sometimes make it a habit to squeeze themselves into tight spots. For example, here is our cats Leo stuffing himself into a grocery bag.


But in all seriousness, cats love getting themselves into tight spaces. This includes those cats who live outside in the wild. One of the places that do this that is particularly dangerous is the wheel wells of cars. If you park outside, there is a chance that a stray cat will climb into your wheel well to sleep. Unfortunately, every year cats are killed because they curl up in wheel wells and people unknowingly start their cars. So, if you park outside, make sure you check!

Build a small outdoor shelter for strays

One of the things you can do with a little bit if effort that will make a big difference for outdoor cats is to build them a shelter. Now that can sound like a big undertaking but it doesn’t have to be. You can order a Plastic Storage Bin like the one below from Amazon and but a whole though the side so that a cat would be able to crawl into it. Then throw an old blanket in there and you are done!

It only takes a couple of minutes to do but for an outdoor cat looking for shelter for the night it can make a bid difference. Once built, put it on the side of your house and you are good to go!

Put some food in your shelter

Once you have constructed your easy to build cat fortress, why not put some food in there. Personally, we like to use Blue Wilderness, but I am sure that if you do end up having a guest in the shelter you have built, they will be happy to consume whatever it is you decide to put in there.

Well there you have it. Those are our three easy ways to help cats this winter. With a little bit of effort, you can make a huge difference to some of our feline friends who need it the most. Make sure you share so other people remember to check their wheel wells and are motivated to help cats and kitten everywhere. Thanks for reading and have a happy holiday!

3 Ways to Make Sure your Cat Gets Enough Water

One of the biggest mistakes cat owners make is not making sure their cats or kitten drinks enough water. A lot of cat owners assume their cat will just consume enough water or that their cat doesn’t really need a lot of water but that just isn’t the case. In fact, a fully gown cat needs to consume about 6 ounces of liquid every day.

We actually have first hand experience with the negative side effects of a cat not consuming enough liquid. Our cat Leo actually ended up with a bladder infection  few years back. It was a very scary situation, not to mention expensive. When it was all said and done, Leo had to spend a night in an animal hospital and we had a vert bill of just under five hundred dollars.

It was an expensive lesson learned and its one that has impacted the way we treat our cats water consumption significantly. While we learned the hard way, you don’t have to. Below are 3 ways to make sure your cat gets enough water.

Mix in Wet Food

Most cat owners feed their cat some kind of dry food (for our recommended brands check out Feeding your Cat) and completely ignore the wet food. The fact of the matter is dry food contains about 7% liquid where as wet food is closer to 80%. So just by giving your cat some wet food a few times a day, you can really boost the liquid they take in. Not only that but your cat will love you for it. Every time our cats hear us opening up a can of food they literally come sprinting to the kitchen.

Keeping Feeding and Water Separate

One of the other big keys to success for us has been making sure that their food and water are in separate locations. When Leo had his bladder infection our vet told us that we would have better results by placing our cats water in a different location than their food dish. Apparently cats don’t like to drink where they are eating. So we have their food in one location and then a few other locations for their water. I can tell you from experience this has been very successful. With the new water locations I notice our cats drinking water far more frequently than ever before.

Get Your Cat a Fountain

Another good way to make sure your cat hydrates is to buy them a Fountain. Below is a picture (and link) to the version we have. This one was relatively inexpensive when we got it and it had a four star review with over five thousand reviews. It holds 50 ounces of liquid and comes with a free filter that lasts an entire month. Its an amazon best seller for a reason. Its a great value and a great way to make sure you are doing everything in your power to make sure that your cat is drinking enough.

So there you have it. Sometimes our little fury friends need our help in order to live their healthiest lives. By adding some of the above tips you can make sure your cat stays hydrated and stays healthy. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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