One of the biggest mistakes cat owners make is not making sure their cats or kitten drinks enough water. A lot of cat owners assume their cat will just consume enough water or that their cat doesn’t really need a lot of water but that just isn’t the case. In fact, a fully gown cat needs to consume about 6 ounces of liquid every day.

We actually have first hand experience with the negative side effects of a cat not consuming enough liquid. Our cat Leo actually ended up with a bladder infection  few years back. It was a very scary situation, not to mention expensive. When it was all said and done, Leo had to spend a night in an animal hospital and we had a vert bill of just under five hundred dollars.

It was an expensive lesson learned and its one that has impacted the way we treat our cats water consumption significantly. While we learned the hard way, you don’t have to. Below are 3 ways to make sure your cat gets enough water.

Mix in Wet Food

Most cat owners feed their cat some kind of dry food (for our recommended brands check out Feeding your Cat) and completely ignore the wet food. The fact of the matter is dry food contains about 7% liquid where as wet food is closer to 80%. So just by giving your cat some wet food a few times a day, you can really boost the liquid they take in. Not only that but your cat will love you for it. Every time our cats hear us opening up a can of food they literally come sprinting to the kitchen.

Keeping Feeding and Water Separate

One of the other big keys to success for us has been making sure that their food and water are in separate locations. When Leo had his bladder infection our vet told us that we would have better results by placing our cats water in a different location than their food dish. Apparently cats don’t like to drink where they are eating. So we have their food in one location and then a few other locations for their water. I can tell you from experience this has been very successful. With the new water locations I notice our cats drinking water far more frequently than ever before.

Get Your Cat a Fountain

Another good way to make sure your cat hydrates is to buy them a Fountain. Below is a picture (and link) to the version we have. This one was relatively inexpensive when we got it and it had a four star review with over five thousand reviews. It holds 50 ounces of liquid and comes with a free filter that lasts an entire month. Its an amazon best seller for a reason. Its a great value and a great way to make sure you are doing everything in your power to make sure that your cat is drinking enough.

So there you have it. Sometimes our little fury friends need our help in order to live their healthiest lives. By adding some of the above tips you can make sure your cat stays hydrated and stays healthy. Thanks for reading and have a great day!