Who those of you who frequent the blog its obvious that my wife and I love our cats. I mean, we have a blog, so that much is obvious. However, one of the things you might not know is that I am a huge Chicago Bears fan.  In fact a do some blogging on the Bears as well.

And while perhaps this current season isn’t one to write home about, that hasn’t impacted my die hard love for my team. So, how is this related to cats you might ask? Well, I will say there is a heck of a lot of overlap. However, I was browsing Amazon the other day and saw some really cool Chicago Bear cat gear.

It was literally a niche I didn’t know existed but low and behold, it exists and it is glorious! So without further ado, here are three must have cat accessories for every sports fan. (Extra points if you also happen to be  fan of the greatest sports team in the world, the Chicago Bears!)

The collar!

Now the first is kind of a no-brainer! I think its great for all animals to have collars in case they happen to find there way outside and get lost. You can have a name tag created that has your name, phone number and address on it. And if you are going to go through the trouble of doing that, well then you might as well have a beautiful collar like the one below! See price $$

Cat Bed!

Now our cats both have their own beds. However, when I saw the picture below I was instantly filled with a mountain of regret! Had I just known such a glorious bed existed I would have bought them, matching Chicago Bears beds. I mean, look at it. Not only does it look incredibly comfortable for your cat but it is obviously majestic as well.

Your cat is going to sleep and if you want to help them be as comfortable as possible while looking like a million bucks, clearly a bed like this is the answer. Excuse me while I order this real quick. See price $$


The fact of the matter is people dress up their animals. And frankly, if you are going to that then I highly recommend jersey below. I mean, look at it, its stunning. While I might not say Howard and Floyd above the numbers, its still absolutely great looking.

I can imagine my cats wearing jerseys like the one below and tackling the neighbors dog as it is wearing and much less attractive green and yellow Green Bay Packer Jersey. I cant imagine a scenario in which I am prouder of my cats. In all seriousness, this is super awesome and probably the coolest thing you can put on your cat or dog. ( I also included a few other jerseys in case you want other examples of jerseys they have) See price $$

Well there you have it! Now that you have seen that these exist how can you spend another day in which your cat doesn’t rep your team to the fullest? I know I personally plan on order Milo and Leo some Chicago Bears gear ASAP! Feel free to share this on social media and thanks again for reading!