If you have been following the blog for a bit here then you have probably heard me talk about how important vertical space space is for your cat. Lets face it, for an animal that is used to trees and being able to climb whenever it see’s fit, your common house or apartment isn’t ideal.

However, you can do something about it. With a little bit of effort you can give your cat the vertical space it desires. Think about it, when you see a cat in the wild, are they on the ground or are they lounging on a peak of some sort.

So, why is it important? Well, if you have had a cat before you know that they like to do things on their own terms. By creating vertical space you create an environment in which they feel safe. It gives the, an area to escape to as a place to take cat naps.

By adding vertical space, you can make a tiny apartment feel like much larger for your cat. Frankly, even in large homes most cats will very much appreciate and enjoy vertical space. In our house, our cat Milo can frequently be found perched on the fridge, surveying his kingdom.

Getting Started

The first thing we did to create vertical space for our cats was to buy a cat condo. Although they might seem a bit bulky, our cats absolutely love it. We got a six foot model and there about 5 different places for our cats to relax. I have found them sleeping and relaxing on every single one of the surfaces.

Now if you go to a store like Petco or PetsMart you might find yourself paying close to $200 or perhaps more. However, the models below can be found online for a fraction of the cost. Now we got the Go Pet Club Cat Tree featured below on the left but any of the below models would be a great addition. Click on any of the below pictures to see pricing.

Advanced Options

Now, if you have a cat tree or two and are looking for something more advanced, I applaud you! There are in fact many different ways you can create vertical space for your cat. In fact, I would argue that its best of you can create multiple areas for your cat to “get vertical”.

Now for me the easiest answer beyond the cat condo are the Multi-Level Cat Climber featured below. They don’t take any work to install, aren’t very visible and still provide your cat with a little bit of adventure to their day.

The next option I would recommend is another pretty easy way to add some variety to your cats landscape. My next recommendation is a Cat Perch. While this is another addition to the vertical space options for your cat, it also is a great way to provide great scenery and another prime napping spot.

Now some of you are probably thinking, “C’mon , these are pretty basic options, I want something a little more adventurous for my cat!” Well don’t worry, we saved the best for last. For those of you who want to create an second level landscape for your cat there are literally unlimited options!

For those of you who are handy (I am not) there are a ton of options. Below are some of my favorite advanced options. If you are bold enough to try any of these, click on the pictures. They are all links and they will give you more detail on the product and the cost, some will surprise you!

No matter what your decor is, you can find a way to accommodate your feline family member. Each one of these provides your cat with vertical space, exercise and a better quality of life. Speaking of better quality of life, if you haven’t read our post on Automatic Cat Feeders do yourself a huge favor and check it out.

It has certainly added value to my life as our cats no longer wake us up in the morning to feed them. Please feel free to share this post on social media and with any friends who have cats. As always, thanks for reading and have an awesome day!