Anyone who knows cats will tell you just how important it is for them to have vertical space. In the wild, you often find big cats perched on branches, peering down on their kingdoms. Well small house cats are no different. Just like their larger, wild cousins, they find it comforting to relax on a perch.

From having two cats I can tell you from experience that buying a cat condo is worth the investment in terms of your cats well being. However, the problem is if you find yourself in your local pet store looking at cat condos your are going to pay a hefty price if you choose to purchase there. I remember looking in the store and seeing them for over $200. For me that was too expensive.

So I went home, looked on Amazon and found that they were significantly cheaper. I found that ones similar to the one we wanted to purchase was about half the price. I was concerned about putting it together because frankly, I am not the most handy person. However, even for me it was easy to put together and 15 minutes later my cat was walking around, suspiciously inspecting this new addition to his living space. Fast forward ten minutes and he was already taking his first nap on it. We chose the Go Pet Club 72″ Tall Beige Cat Tree Furniture as seen below.

Our cats love it. They literally have napped multiple times on every surface.  The most popular are the highest open surface platform and the top box area. Its common for me to come home and find both of my cats napping on the structure at the same time. For those of you who want to look at a more affordable or smaller option, amazon has a ton of other options for you as well. My wife was a big fan of the one below.

This is the PETMAKER Kitty Cat Condo and its great for a one family household. It has a fun little hiding spot and great posts for your cat to scratch on as well.

Another great option is the Cat tree with beige scratching post . I like it because it has many different levels for your cat to sit on, it has different angles for your cat to hang out on and it has several hanging toys for cats to play with.

Whatever option you choose I am sure your cat will love it. My cats love to climb on shelves, our fridge and window sills. Either way, any vertical space you can give your cats will be appreciated!