In addition to Automatic Cat FeedersCat Condos and the different foods in our Feeding your Cat post, there are still many ways to enrich the lives of our four legged friends. in fact, there are many other items we would consider to be absolute essentials for the well being of your cat or kitten. Below are a few of our recommendations! By the way, all the pictures are links. If you like any of them, feel free to click the link to check them out!

Litter Box

The first thing you will need is a litter box. The rule of thumb is to have at least one litter box per cat. If you have more than one cat the minimum I would go with is one litter box per cat. If you have two cats, I would go with two or three. It seems like a lot but it beats having your cat go to the bathroom on your carpet. As you can see below litter boxes can range from basic models to more expensive self cleaning models.


The one on the left is only $7 and is a pretty affordable model. My wife and I are considering getting the ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box pictured on the right. At just under $100 it is costly but I love the idea of not having to clean the liter boxes all the time.


Another must have for your cat is toys. In the wild cats are hunters and while they are now domesticated companions, they do like the thrill of a “simulated” hunt. We have had really good luck with ribbons and lasers but feather toys have also been a cat favorite for us. Below are some nice options that we like.

In the middle you have the SmartyKat Crackle Chute Cat Toy Collapsible Tunnel. From experience I can tell you cats love anything they can climb and hide in. From boxes to cool chutes likes the one pictured above. We also have a small feather on a string. 5 minutes of your cat jumping after the feather trying to catch it will provide quite the workout. On the left is the FroliCat DART TR1 Automatic Rotating Laser Pet Toy which is cool because it essentially makes you obsolete in cat play. Just kidding, but it is a way that your cat can have fun without you actively participating. At just over twenty dollars, its a steal if you ask  me.


While its not as fun as a laser toy, its very much so an essential. The key to keeping costs down is making sure you buy in bulk. I usually go with Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Clumping, 24/7 Performance. I suggest experimenting with different kinds to find what litter you find best but I personally just prefer the 24/7 performance brand. I also like the plastic container. Its kind of a pain to have to worry about a bag or a box. Plus the bucket is easy to transport. For my money, this is the way to go.

Feeding Bowls

The next thing you will want is bowls to feed your cats and to put their water in. Now, if you haven’t gone to our page about Automatic Cat Feeders I urge you to do so. That would personally be my food bowl. Its literally the only thing I would change about getting. I would have bought my automatic pet feeder on day 1. But for those of you who want a traditional bowl check out these options below. I like stainless but there are also some pretty cute ceramic bowls to choose from.


What I like about these first two options is the rubber grip on the bottom. Believe it or not, we use to have bowls that didn’t have the grips on the bottom and our cat Milo, who is an aggressive eater, would push the bowls all around. The rubber grips on the bottom really help keep everything in place. The last item on the far right is the PetSafe Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain. I am actually ordering one next week for my cats. I think a mistake cat owners make is they undervalue how important it is that there cats drink. Our cat Leo once got a bladder infection from not drinking enough water and the vet bill ended up being $500. This item increases the likelihood your cats will drink. Its also important to separate the food and water. Cats don’t like to eat and drink in the same locations so make sure you create distance.

Grooming Products

While cats spend about 75% of their waking hours grooming themselves it is still a good idea to help them out a bit. For one, the tools we have can help them with can aid in their grooming and two, it can be good bonding time with your cat. Below are a few cheap options.

On the left you have a pretty traditional tool and on the right you have a glove. I am not ashamed to say we own one of each. The traditional tool works really well, however my wife love the idea of combining petting and grooming with the Deshedding and Grooming glove . Both are great solutions. I would say the traditional version does work a little better, it is nice to be able to combine petting and grooming.

Health Supplements

Now, when you see supplements you might think of weight training. However, you don’t need to be power lifting to benefit from taking supplements. You cats actually have a lot to gain from taking supplements. Now we started giving our cats FELINE GREENIES FLAVOR FUSION Dental Cat Treats  for their dental hygiene, however, there are quite a few different options each with their own benefit.

The option on the left is what we currently have, its primarily for teeth. However, on the right they actually have greenies for fur, joint, hairball and of course dental care. Whats nice about greenies is the cats love them. It wont be like giving them medicine or a vitamin, they will literally look forward to eating them.

Well there you have it. There are our Cat Tip 101 essentials. With everything above and perhaps an automatic cat feeder or two you will be ready to go. Thanks for reading!