When it comes to feeding your cat, it’s one of the biggest impact actions you can take to ensure a long, healthy life. For humans, there is a big difference between eating a Bic Mac or a Seared Tuna Steak with a side of broccoli. The same is true for our feline friends. The food you give them will impact their heath as well as quality of life. If you spend any time on this site then you know I am a big fan of Automatic Cat Feeders because of how much value they consistently add to my life. But my wife and I are also sticklers when it comes to what we feed our cats.

Anytime we purchase food for them we make sure its of the utmost quality. We read every label and look at the ingredient list to make sure there is substance. Looking at the front label isn’t enough, often they say “organic” or “healthy” but when you look closer the ingredient list is made up of mostly fillers. We have also spent time talking to reps from companies as well as the vets we have visited, getting their take on what cats foods will ultimately be best for our cats.

With all that said, know that the recommendations below are not something we came to lightly. Below are all foods we have fed both of our cats and feel our the best foods you can provide you animals.  Currently we Halo Spot’s Stew  and the cats love it. We have also tried a few of their other foods and have always been very happy. In addition they have some really great wet food options that we like to mix in from time to time.

Another company we have always really liked is Blue Buffalo. We often alternate back and forth between these after a few bags to give our cats variety. We specifically like Blue Buffalo Freedom Adult Indoor Cat Chicken Formula-Grain Free  option seen below because it is grain free and we feel that gives our cats maximum nutritional benefit.

Whatever food you choose for your cat, just make sure you do your research. Its vital to their health that they been given the highest quality food if you want them to live their healthiest lives. These two brands have worked great for us and we totally stand behind them but there are other great brands out there as well. Bon appetit!